Happy Monday, Christmas Fanatics! And welcome to the final official episode of April! Can you believe that? We are officially a third of the way through the year! Time is flying! 

This week, journey with the elves back to the wonderful world of Rankin/Bass to discuss the 1968 holiday special, "The Little Drummer Boy"! As is always the case when the hosts cover a Rankin/Bass special, opinions are all over the place with this one, with one elf defending the special, one elf enjoying it more than the other Rankin/Bass specials previously covered, and one absolutely hating it. Meanwhile, opinions voiced by our listeners are on opposite ends of the spectrum - people either really enjoy it, or really dislike it; there doesn't seem to be middle ground!

Discussed in this episode are the racist stereotypes perpetuated by character designs and historical (in)accuracy in this special; the origins of the traditional carol version of "The Little Drummer Boy"; Apple's recent unveiling event; Michael Keaton's officially announced return to the role of Batman in the upcoming "The Flash" movie; some fascinating Disney trivia that Anthony learned in a recent episodes of one of his favorite podcasts, "Dis-Order: Every Disney Film"; and much, much more! All of it together makes for a fun, fascinating episode you want to be sure you don't miss!

Enjoy, y'all! And keep your eyes on your feeds this upcoming Thursday for the next installment of "Another Christmas Story" - Chapter Thirteen, which will be read to you by the awesome and always hilarious Mike Westfall of "Advent Calendar House"! 

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