And after an unintentional week off, we're back and covering the 2015 comedy-film, The Night Before

Will Julia and Thom make like Miley Cyrus and come in like a wrecking ball when talking about this movie, or is there enough underlying heart to it where Anthony can make a convincing case in its favor?

Did Thom's trip to New York make Anthony change his mind about whether or not his co-host is "the worst"?

Will the elves agree about the use of Christmas in Hollis in this movie? 

And will Thom's new derivation of the word "Rudolph" become a thing, or is it never going to happen?

All of this and much more are discussed in this fun episode dissecting a movie about three childhood friends who become three wise men over the course of one Christmas Eve night in New York! So settle back with a cup of hot cocoa, enjoy, and get excited - because as of next week, we are officially under 40 weeks until Christmas! (And Tis the Podcast has a lot of fun stuff coming up on the horizon very soon, besides our normal weekly episodes, so stay tuned!) 

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